Open WRT

we at smartpath provide custom openwrt Porting services on different SoC platforms with mips and other network processor architecture.


porting yocto linux for different hardware platform with customization support for alsa/pulseaudio based sound services, gstreamer framework customization, WiFi Direct/WPS, Bluetooth, IOT applications development. Development/customization of Wayland based compositor with optimzed utilization of GPU EGL drivers.


At smartpath we provided linux, QNX, RTOS, microkernel customization and development services for automotive, aerospace, consumer, enterprise, media, IOT industry..


customization u-boot bootloader for fast boot, OS upgrade services, driver development for u-boot, board and eol testing framework using u-boot, customization of u-boot for different new boards.


At smartpath we develop custom platform solutions and providing platform porting services for customers. Linux kernel modifications for fast and secure boot, custom drivers, media fraework, Ril/Connectivity framework, location based framework and other framework modification services also will be provided.


smartpath provides custom firmware development services for IOT, wireless sensors, and other embedded application based on FreeRTOS supported by ARM Cortex M0/3/4 controllers from Atmel, TI, ST Micro, NXP etc.


We have strong experience in developing web applications, tools and backend solutions based on python with different opensource frameworks like django,flask. Developing a REST/json api handlers with mobile application integration is our core strength.


We provide JaVA/J2EE application development services based on Hibernate,MVC and EJB and We have unique strength in developing javafx applications.