smartpath provides opensource based solutions, community contribution, product testing and related services. We have expertise in Linux customization, Linux distribution, FreeRTOS, Embedded RTOS frameworks and libraries.


smartpath has developed mobile applications for different industries like media connectivity, location based services, healthcare and wearable devices, IOT, beacon technology, SmartCard and Biometrics, Cloud printing.


At smartpath we develop web solutions which are integrated to mobile applications and integrated with AWS/Azure/Google App/IBM Bluemix. We have expertise in developing J2EE/python based applications with REST/json or SOAP framework.


Smartpath has huge expertise in embedded domain with customization of IOT platforms on wireless SoC controllers from Nordic,TI, Atmel, Freescale RF controllers. We can port openwrt,yocto platforms for different wireless wireless applications. we provide Engineering R&D services for the same.